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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac User Guide

The user guide is about how to use Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to convert audio and video, burn & copy DVDs, download online videos and rip DVDs. It includes:

First, free Download Video Converter Ultimate for Mac and install it.

Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Part 1: Converting DVD movies, videos and audio files

step1:Importing DVDs, video and audio files

After launching the program, click the "Video"/"Audio" button located on the main tray to browse and add the video/audio files you want to convert using the built in media browser on the right. You can easily drag in files from local video, audio, and DVD, or even videos downloaded from the web. Preview the file first by double-clicking the file icon, before you drag it in.

Step2. Select the output format

Click the "Format" image button (the default output format is iPhone 4). Available video output formats are catalogued as: Apple Devices, Apple Software, Portable Video Players, Mobile Phone, etc. Also choose from a variety of formats for audio files, including as MP3, WMA, AIFF, etc.

Tip: If you wanna create 3D movies, Go to 3D Video section and choose your 3D output format here.

choose from optimized preset like Apple Devices

Step3. Start conversion

Before converting, you can instantly preview your videos in the preview pane. Once you’re satisfied, simply click Start to convert. During conversion, you can pause or cancel conversions easily. The progress bar will show you the conversion speed.

Step4.Edit Video and Audio Files (optional)

To edit video or audio files, simply click the "Edit" image button and you can trim, crop, rotate, adjust and watermark your files. After editing, click "Done" to get back to converting your files.

Part 2: Burn & Copy DVDs

step1:Importing Video and DVD files

Just like the first step in part 1, simply drag and drop the files you want to work with into the list. Now click the "Copy/Burn" image button. Choose from four output formats: DVD Disc, DVD Folder, .dvdmedia, and ISO files.

Burn Videos to DVD

step2:Starting to Copy or Burn

After selecting your preferred output format, choose a filename for your new DVD and click "Save" to start copying or burning. The progress bar will let you know how much time remains till completion.

Burn DVD

Tips: Previewing videos before burning

Once you’ve edited the file, you can click the "Preview" image button to preview your DVD project. If it's ok, then click "Burn" image button.

Step3. Start conversion

To edit your video files, click the "Edit" image button, and trim, crop, rotate, adjust and watermark your files. After editing, click "Done" to continue converting your files.

Tips: Continuous trimming function

This editing function allows you to trim your files into multiple segments and then merge them again.

Part 3: Downloading Online Video

To download video from virtually and website, simply click on the globe icon on the toolbar at the top of the main window. This will bring up the Add URLs window, where you can just paste the URL(s) of the videos you want to download. Click download and these videos should be yours in a few seconds.

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