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User Testimonials

  • I want to say first off ... iMedia Converter is fantastic! One of the Best around.
  • It works like a dream! I like the watermark function very much.
  • The program worked remarkably quickly and I am very pleased!
  • This product is exactly what I have been looking for a long time.
  • It is an outstanding one in this field, it can support all the formats I want to convert.
  • It is a great product. I am really happy with it and have found it to be superior to other products I have used over the years.

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How to convert video files on Mac/Windows?

Nowadays, people can enjoy videos in different ways, such as YouTube and other online video websites, iPod/Zune and other portable players, and also play video on computer, and you can also make you own videos with windows movie make or iMovie for Mac users. So how to convert videos between different video formats is a big problem for both windows and Mac users. Today I will share you guys two powerful video converter for Mac and Windows users.

For Mac users, this powerful Video Converter for Mac is really nice.

Let's use it to convert a video for Example

Video converter for Mac

Step1. Add File

Click "Add File" button to load the video you want to converter

Step2. Choose profile and adjust settings

You can find your output video format from a drop-list called "Profile"

You can also adjust the specific settings of the output video, such as "Resolution", "Bitrate", "Encoder" and so on.

Step3. Edit Video

1. Effect:

You can adjust the "Brightness", "Contrast", "Saturation" and "Volume"


2. Trim:

You are allowed to pick up any part of the video to convert.


3. Crop:

To remove the black edges and choose a play area to convert.


Step 4: Start Conversion

Click "Start" button to begin your conversion and you will get your video soon.

For Windows users

Total video converter

Step1. Load video

You can load your videos into the converter by clicking "Add File"

Step2. Choose output info

This converter provides you many output profiles for you to choose, you can choose your output profiles according to your need. And also you can just choose a certain video format.

You can also adjust the settings of your output profiles. You can even save a certain settings as your own output settings.


Step3. Conversion

Click "Start" button to begin your conversion and few mins later you can get your video.

Tips: How to effect, trim and crop the video to improve your output video quality.

After you Load your video you can click "Effect" button to access the effect panel

1. Effect:

Adjust the video effect as you want: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Deinterlacing.


2. Trim:

Clip your video, pick up any part of your video to convert.

You have 3 ways to do trim:

1.Dragging the slider

2.Controlling the "Trim From" and "Trim To" button

3.Setting the Start and End time


3. Crop:

Adjust video size, Cut off the black edge of your video to let you enjoy your movie in full screen by click the "Crop" button

You have 2 ways to do crop:

1. Move your mouse cursor onto one of the eight small adjustment boxes on the cropping frame and drag the crop frame to crop the video such as cutting off top and bottom black bar. The cropped result will be shown on the Output Preview at the same time.

2. Type the value directly or set the value in "Left", "Right" and "Cropped area size" area to set the position of the cropping frame.


You can also select the aspect ratio from the Zoom Mode drop-down list. There are 4 choices for you: Full Screen, 16:9, 4:3 and Keep Original.

Sounds Good?

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